About Kumon



Mr. Toru Kumon,
founder of Kumon

Kumon was started 50 years ago in Japan by Toru Kumon, a teacher and parent who wanted to help his son do better in  school. The unique instructional method he created was so successful that his son was able to do calculus by the time he  was in the sixth grade.

Kumon reading and math programs help children master those fundamental skills so important to their overall  academic performance.

Our founder’s belief that every child possesses untapped abilities and the potential to excel remains central to  our philosophy. In short, there’s nothing a child can’t do.

The Kumon Method was developed to unlock the potential in every child. That’s our mission, and we’re accomplishing  it every day at more than 1,400 Kumon Centers in North America alone.

With centers in 46 countries, Kumon has helped more students succeed worldwide than any other after-school program.