KUMON Philosophy

The Kumon philosophy is dedicated to the belief that each child has unlimited potential.  The learning programs are individualized for each student and are intended to help them think independently, and at a pace suitable to the students individual abilities.  Kumon is most successful when the Student, Parent and Instructor work together in a three-way partnership to ensure that the child advances continually to the best of his or her ability.         





KUMON'S Unique Features

Kumon uses neither a classroom nor a tutoring model, but rather a guided "self-motivated-learning" approach.  The progression is so gradual that students are able to acquire the skills to advance independently.



Individualized study programs

           Ensures mastery of concepts & strong learning




Easy starting point

           Provide immediate confidence and proficiency

           with mastery at each successive step.



Daily study habits

          Sets discipline and daily approach keeps their

          learning fresh in their minds.




           Practice leads to total command of the material 

           and mastery of each topic.


Creates self-motivated and confident learner able to acquire skills to grow independently.

bulletFoundations for high school learning
Enables each and every student to perform and progress to his or her full potential-including advanced study whenever possible.


Learn more by visiting www.kumon.com or call 1-877-586-6671 and just watch what your child can do